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Neuro Club

​​​​​​​Neuro Club​


The Neuro club, or BYU Neuroscience Student Association, strives to unite and enrich the Neuroscience students at Brigham Young University through social events, academic work, rese​arch, and service.  The following emphases will act as guidelines to the officers of the Association:

  • Collect, organize, and present​​​ information about research and clinical internship opportunities and provide this information to members via workshops, electronic outlets, and newsletters.  This information will include research opportunities on and off campus as well as local, national, and international clinical opportunities.
  • Provide an atmosphere of unity to facilitate learning through social activities, service projects, and student-to-student mentoring.  Through these programs, students who are new to the program will be paired with more experienced students, as well as gain exposure to other students in the Neuroscience Center.
  • Use workshops, newsletters, and other programs to help prepare its members for the process of selecting and applying to graduate and professional schools.
  • Facilitate student-faculty relations through social activities, service projects, and research opportunities on campus.
  • Connect students to the community through service projects, clinical opportunities, and outreach programs.
  • Enrich the education experience at BYU by involving students in the education process through communicating their input to the Neuroscience Center.

As a united body of students working with the Neuroscience Center, we hope to enhance the education experiences and career opportunities of our members.  In accord with the BYU mission statement, we will work to “provide a period of intensive learning in a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued.”

To join the Neuro club, please come to the Neuroscience Center in S192 ESC. Club fees are $10 per semester, which includes a Neuro Club T-shirt.