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Daniel Kay, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Q: Where did you attend graduate school?

A: University of Florida

Q: What is your favorite fact about the brain?

A: By age two, the brain is 75% the weight of its adult weight.

Q: What is your favorite book you have recently read?

A: Plato's Essential Dialogues

Q: When I am not teaching Neuroscience classes I like to...

A: Watch Sci-Fi movies

Q: What is your area of research? What do you find rewarding in your research? What is the coolest thing your lab has done?

A: Sleep and insomnia, discovering new things, watched people sleep in the MRI scanner

Q: How long have you been teaching Neuroscience?

A: 5 years, technically psychology

Q: What is your favorite topic to teach/what do you like most about teaching?

A: History of Psychology: I love helping students develop critical and abstract thinking

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I love hiking, backpacking, and rockhounding

Q: What is your favorite scripture?

A: D&C 103:9 For they were set to be a light unto the world, and to be the saviors of men;