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Neuro Endowment Fund

The Neuro Endowment Fund

We are asking for your help to provide our students with the means to pursue their academic needs! All donations directly contribute to scholarships, internships, and various experiential learning experiences for students. Please join us in supporting students in their neuroscience education!

How to donate

Click here to begin the donation process, and follow the instructions below.
  1. Click the "Select other funds" box, and under "Other Funds," select "BYU"
  2. Scroll down to "FHSS - Neuroscience - BYU" and hit "Select" (This will add the "Neuroscience Fund" option)
  3. Enter your amount, and scroll down to "Frequency" and "Method of Payment" sections
  4. In the section "Add Comment or Memoriam Information," select the "Comments or instructions" box and enter the Neuroscience Endowment Fund to which you would like to donate