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Chiasm is an undergraduate research journal directed and edited by students under the direction and supervision of a faculty mentor. Former editor Micah Hansen describes his work on the journal as a "training ground where future scientists and professionals can get experience and education in the research, writing, and publishing process." The student staff of Chiasm enhances undergraduate research experiences by mentoring students through the publication process. Chiasm is seeking quality publications from undergraduate neuroscience students. If you would like to submit your work for consideration in the next issue, please see the following checklist:

1. Submitted manuscripts should be related to the field of Neuroscience.

2. Manuscripts should follow APA publication guidelines.

3. Manuscripts may be collaborations or individual projects. If collaborations, all contributing authors must participate in the writing and approve the submitted manuscript.

4. If chosen, your manuscript will undergo peer review by the student editor and faculties, and you will likely be required to revise the manuscript until it is acceptable for publication.

For questions or submissions, email Past issues of Chiasm are available in the Neuroscience Center, S192 ESC.

If you are interested in joining our team, follow this link to submit an application.

Follow Chiasm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: