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The Neuroscience Center holds monthly seminars, hosting internationally renowned speakers from across the country. These seminars present students with the opportunity to learn about new research findings from some of the top researchers in Neuroscience.

To learn more about when seminars will be held, contact the Neuroscience Center through email at


Rodrigo Braga

Characterization of distributed brain networks in the individual using precision functional MRI


Rodrigo Braga

Insights into the brain network organization from individual-level fMRI

Trace Stay

Cerebellar Influence over learned adaptions in the oculomotor circuit

Cory Inman

Capturing and enhancing episodic memories made in the wild

Mark Ebbert

Improved understanding of Alzheimer's disease, ALS, FTD, and other neurodegenerative diseases using long-read sequencing technologies

Chris Davis

Cognitive rigidity: poor sleep, poor performance

Sarah Banks

Improving understanding of Alzheimer’s: sex specific risk and expression


Abigail Polter

Sex-specific stress-induced adaptations of the VTA microcircuit

Ashley Ross

Developing tools to measure dynamic guanosine signaling during focal ischemia

Julian Thayer

Why Should We Care About the Vagus?: Implications for cognition, emotion, and health

Amanda Mitchell

Atlasting the mouse brain: Towards the identification of every cell type



Stephanie Gantz

Opening delta

Brant P. Hasler

Rhythms and reward: Do sleep and circadian factors during adolescence contribute to risk for substance use?
Dr. Mikle South

Mikle South

Lights, Sirens, & Jumping Out of Trees: Multi-Level Approaches to Autism and Mental Health

David Vaillancourt

Free-water Imaging in Parkinsonism: From a Voxel to Clinical Application.

Ashok Jansari

The man who mistook his neuropsychologist for a popstar: The fascinating world of face-blindness, super-recognition, and everyday face-recognition.

Matthew Hutchison

Research and Early Development Biomarkers Group at Biogen Inc.
Beyond the Ivory Tower: Translating Academic Finding into Clinical Trial Biomarkers


Rita Guerreiro

Van Andel Research Institute for Neurodegenerative Science
Genetics of Neurological Diseases - A Focus on Dementia

Anna M. Lee

University of Minnesota
Oppositional regulation of alpha6-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in alcohol and nicotine co-addiction

Jacob J. Michaelson

University of Iowa
Genetic Research at the Intersection of Mental Illness and High Ability

Andrew A. George

Barrow Neurological Institutes
The Role of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (nAChRs) in Amyloid-Induced Alterations in Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Intrinsic Excitability

Christina McCrae

University of Missouri
Neuroplasticity in Chronic Pain: Impact of Improved Sleep on Central Sensitization

Ryan Larsen

University of Illinois Beckham Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
The Use of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Investigate the Neurochemistry of Cognition


Robert Bilder

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
The Biology of Creativity: From Mighty Mice to Extraordinary Humans

Mark J. Ferris

Wake Forrest School of Medicine
Diurnal Variation in Motivational Properties of Reward Predictive Cues and Corresponding Dopamine Signals

Marisa Roberto

Scripps Research Institute
Neuroadaptations Induced by Alcohol Dependence

Brian D. Burrell

Sanford School of Medicine
Endocannabinoids and Habituation of Nociceptive Circuits: A New Perspective on Pain Research

Nathan Okerlund

University of Utah
Eating Synapses - A Molecular View of Presynaptic Autophagy

Lei Wang

Feinberg School of Medicine
Hippocampal-Prefrontal Network Dysfunction in Breast Cancer Survivors Undergoing Adjuvant Therapy


Louis Ptáček

University of California, San Francisco
Clinical, Genetic, and Biological Characterization of the Human Circadian System

Adrian Rothenfluh

University of Utah
Alcohol Use Disorders - Conserved Mechanisms from Flies to Humans

Nalini M. Nadkarni

University of Utah
Fallen: A Transdisciplinary Tale of Disturbance and Recovery

Jordan Yorgason

Brigham Young University
Neural Circuits Involved in Cocaine Addiction

Chris J. Davis

Washington State University - Spokane
The Brain and Behavior: What Rodents Can Tell us about the Importance of Sleep

Stephen J. Glatt

SUNY Upstate Medical University
Risk Genes, Biomarkers, and Mechanisms of Major Psychiatric Disorders