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Being involved in research is one important way to be involved in experiential learning. There are a number of benefits to students who are involved in research, including in-depth learning in an area of interest, understanding the scientific literature, gaining research skills, exploring future career options, graduate school/professional school preparation, and opportunities to work closely with faculty.

"This inspired linkage between research and student learning does away with the seemingly irreconcilable dichotomy between the two. Research is to be an endeavor 'among both faculty and students,'16 as our mission statement plainly declares. The primary aim for research is student development—a distinctive, if not unique, primary aim for universities that value faculty research so highly."…

"Inspiring learning—this is the kind of learning that can 'assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life'27 by helping them see the hand of the Lord operating in their lives. It is a unique kind of education that faith-based teaching and student-centered research can produce."

President Worthen, BYU: A Unique Kind of Education. August 28, 2017, University Conference, BYU Speeches