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Join the BYU Neuroscience Club!

Benefits include:

  • Learning about opportunities to participate in research
  • Accessing up-to-date information about internship opportunities, both on and off campus
  • Opportunities to work alongside more experienced students and receive informal mentoring
  • Enhanced learning through:
    • Social Activities
    • Service Projects
  • Peer-to-peer workshops, newsletters, and activities to help guide the graduate and professional school application process, including how to select a program that is best for you
  • Participation in Brain Awareness Week and our new Outreach Program
  • Attending Food For Thought activites with Neuroscience Professors


The Neuroscience Club seeks to unite and enrich neuroscience students at BYU through social events, academics, research, and service. The club works with the Neuroscience Center to enhance educational experiences and career opportunities for its members. The club embraces the BYU vision of "a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued."

To Join:

Simply click the button below to pay the membership fee online or visit the Neuroscience Center in S192 ESC.

Club fees include a Neuroscience Club T-shirt and are $15 in the fall (includes membership for one whole year) or $10 for a Winter semester membersip only.

UPDATE: Does your spouse, friend, or beloved faculty member want one of our awesome T-shirts? We are selling them for $10 to anyone who would like one. Please see the Neuroscience Office located in the S-192 ESC. Or contact them at 801-422-1218 or

Club Officers:

Questions? Contact Us:

Click here to join the Neuroscience Club