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Rebekka Matheson, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Q: Favorite fun-fact about the brain?

A: All of Psych 370! Sensation and Perception is full of fun facts that make up the startling truth that perception is a construction meant to enable you to act in a way that provides reasonably good odds of surviving reality. But it's not reality itself. At all.

Q: Favorite book about the Brain?

A: My favorite is "The Beautiful Brain," a compilation of Cajal's drawings published last year. That won't surprise my students– I'm a huge Santiago Ramon y Cajal fan.

Q: When I am not teaching awesome Neuroscience Classes I like to…

A: I like to paint. I'm teaching myself bass guitar. I also zealously guard my status of "Favorite aunt" to my 8 nieces and nephews.

Q: Describe Neuroscience in one word…

A: Infinite

Q: Favorite super hero?

A: Whichever superhero my 4 year old nephew is pretending to be. That's usually Batman. Which means that I'm assigned the role of Batgirl or The Penguin, depending on the moment.