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Steven Charles, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Q: My favorite book about the brain is...

A: Human Robotics: Neuromechanics and Motor Control by Burdet, Franklin, & Milner.

Q: The coolest thing my lab has done is...

A: Pioneered methods for understanding which muscles are most responsible for tremor.

Q: What is exciting in your work right now?

A: We are currently applying really cool engineering tools to better understand tremor and how to suppress it in patients with essential tremor. Many of these tools have never been applied to tremor before.

Q: When I am not teaching awesome Neuroscience classes I like to...

A: Ride my mountain bike, watch movies (especially adaptations of 19th century novels) with my wife, spend time with my family, disappear in a foreign-language novel or well-written engineering/math textbook (currently reading 'Linear Algebra and Learning from Data' by Strang).